About Submitting Works

Our decision as to whether to include a painting in the catalogue raisonné shall be solely an expression of our opinion, and shall remain within our sole discretion. The decision to include a painting does not constitute a warranty or guarantee as to the painting’s authenticity or provenance, and may not be relied upon as such by the owner or any future purchaser of the painting. Nor shall a decision not to include a painting de a declaration that it is inauthentic. We reserve the right to change our decision as we see fit.
Neither we nor any person associated with us, including but not limited to members of our review committee, writers, researchers, advisors, consultants, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and any individuals or entities providing any of our funding, warrants or guarantees the correctness of our opinions and decisions.
We expressly disclaim all liability for damages of any kind relating to or arising from any decision by us to include your painting in the catalogue raisonné. By submitting a painting for our consideration, you knowingly and voluntarily waive all claims against us, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and any person or entity that may have contributed in any  manner to the preparation of the catalogue raisonné, where such claims related to or arise from our consideration of your painting, our decisions as to whether to include your painting in the catalogue raisonné, and any subsequent change we may make with regard to such decisions.